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Bali Dentist and Dental Care l Your Dental Clinic in Bali

Bright Smiles Bali is the leading Holiday Dentistry of Bali, offering dentistry (Dental Hoilday), General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry also Smile Makeover. Our cosmetic dentist and staff strive to help you reach your dental desires and ensure you will confident to smile again. Our warm and gentle care will ensure you receive highest standart of dental service and healthy bright smiles. “Your smile is our passion”



Bright Smiles Bali offers a wide range of services to help make and keep your smile beautiful and healthy. Fun fact! Do you know that there is a connection between your overall health and well being with your teeth? And it's clinically proven. Let us help you with your health and well being now.

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At Bright Smiles Bali Dental Care we offer general  dentistry service perform routine services that focus on preventive maintenance. These service help prevent decay or disease of the teeth, mouth, gums and tongue. Example include cleaning and routine exams.

If preventative measures aren’t enough, general dentists will also incorporate restorative dental care. Restorative service repair damage caused by tooth decay, trauma, or disease, in mouth area. Example include crowns and root canals.


At Bright Smiles Bali Dental Care we offer cosmetic dentistry service, is primarily focuses on improvement in dental aesthetic in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance.

A smile really is worth a thousand words when it comes to your work, a night out with friends and ofcourse that dreaded first date. The fact is it’s easier to smile when you aren’t embarrassed about crooked, stained, or chipped teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry can actually give you something to smile about, and improve your confidence.