Ins & Outs of Brushing

For starters UP and Down is the way to go...

Lets choose the right brush and paste... The right technique and then the right time of cleaning


Firstly is the brush manual or electric.. The choice is yours, how ever the size of the head and the stiffness of the bristles is the main thing. Too soft and they wont clean your teeth efficiently and easily and not massage your gums, too hard and they can cause premature wear and damage the gums especially if you are sensitive or have gum issues...
Firm is the go here..
The best of both worlds and the most efficient.


the paste again the choices are varied but the basics are around the abrasiveness of the paste and the inclusion of fluoride especially in growing children teeth. Teeth can re-mineralise (self repair) and Fluoride is essential for this remember kids don’t need whitening and other adult based additives...
Buy accordingly


the action to clean is UP and Down following the direction of the teeth , this allows the bristles to clean in between the gaps. Next is to break the teeth cleaning into sections ... Left and right top then left and right bottom.. And each section has 3 sides... Cheek side, top (crown) and tongue side.. Sooo if you add all there areas up that's 12 sections...  And you have  a recommended time of 120 seconds...( 2 minutes)  WOW the math is simple  10 seconds each bit,,, easy huh