Keep and White

They say you are what you eat and your teeth are a classic showing of this, and we go one step further:

We say “you are what you put in your mouth,,,, “
food, drink and smoking all effects your teeth's health and whiteness.

Follow some simple rules and a beaming smile can be yours for a life time

No big secrets, smoking and drinking and eating some foods will stain your teeth AND accelerate decay and gum disease. That said we’re not here to tell you what to stop, just merely bring the facts forth... Doesn’t matter what you do your teeth will stain with age... But to what extent is up to you.

Reduce or eliminating smoking is a great start for that gleaming smile..and your lungs and body will thank u too.
Smokers skin age faster too so you can save on whitening and anti age products  ...  As our “healthy” advice Slow the aging... stop smoking... Thats the end of that

Avoid prolonged holding of heavily pigmented and acid foods in your mouth ... Wines, soft drinks coffee and the new bane.. Sports drinks... By all means have these products but cleanse with water and chewing sugar free gum when you cant clean and brush


Brushing reduces the plaque build up and gets the easily removed food particles, flossing clears the crevices,  do after brushing  and before rinsing. Use a good quantity tape style.